When your drains become clogged, there are many options available to clear them; plungers, cleaning agents, drain snakes and many more. But why not save the money and the hassle by preventing these clogs in the first place?

Preventing drains from clogging is really quite simple, just be more careful than normal. That in addition to a little extra cleaning every year can significantly reduce the possibility of a more serious clogged drain from developing.

How serious are clogged drains?

When you don’t look after your drains, whether in your shower or in your kitchen sink, naturally the first outcome is an unpleasant odour. This is of course more common with drains in kitchen sinks as food particles rot which releases these distasteful aromas around the kitchen.

After unpleasant smells, what comes next is normally the formation of clogs. This process appears gradually, drains may work slower with emptying excess water. Over time, the drainage system may completely block.

If the clogged drains are neglected further, then damage can occur. Drains are not built to last forever, however, some general care can increase a drain’s life substantially and reduce the chances of potential clogging. Please have a read of our tips below to prevent drains from clogging.

Be careful about what goes down that drain

The most fundamental aspect of preventing drainage clogging issues is simple but unfortunately overlooked – be careful about what goes down that drain!

When it comes to showers and bathtubs, the most inevitable and major issue is hair. You can prevent this by simply placing some mesh over the drain, as this will catch any hairs collected during a shower or bath. It only takes a few seconds to remove this hair after a shower or bath.

As for kitchens, you should be careful to make sure that only water goes down the drain when doing the washing up. One of the most common causes for drain clogging are coffee grounds, but these along with other organic food particles should be disposed of in the bin.

Take a little extra care

Whether it is just once or twice a year, it doesn’t hurt to spend a little extra time to clean the inside your drains in order to prevent the build up of hair and gunk. It is so easy, quick and cheap to do!

A cheap and great solution to dissolve particles forming in your drains is white vinegar. Just pour aprroximately two cups of vinegar down the drain, leave it for around 10 minutes and then flush the drain with hot water.

Using these tips above and a little extra care in regards to what you decide to wash down the drain in the first place, you can prevent drain clogging from occurring in your household.

If however you are unable to remove a drainage clog, please do not hesitate to contact us here at Total Electrical and Plumbing Solutions.