At home, whether in your kitchen or bathroom, there is nothing quite as annoying as a “Drip… Drop… Drip” of a dripping tap. However, worry no more – with our three common causes for a dripping tap, you may be able to fix the problem yourself!

Here are three common causes for a dripping tap:

1.) Tap Cartridge

Generally, cartridge taps can be identified by having one or two handles. These taps are usually smooth to use; the handles turn smoothly and are easy to use when compared with a compression tap. If your cartridge tap is dripping, it is likely that the catridge valve inside the tap needs replacing. These cartidges are relatively inexpensive to buy, costing anywhere from £5.00.

2.) Washer

Your tap may have two individual handles that tighten and loosen to turn on the cold and hot water. If your tap has this feature, your tap has a compression valve. These types of taps use washers, of which can be the most common cause for a dripping tap. Washers over time can gradually corrode or if they have not been installed correctly, they may begin to leak. If you have this type of tap, try replacing the washers in each handle.

3.) O-Ring

O-Rings are a component installed in a variety of different taps, including compression and cartridge taps. Tap handles are installed with O-Rings in order to generate a waterpoof seal. Sometimes O-Rings can loosen, corrode or break, which can cause dripping and leaks around the tap handles. If your tap handes are leaking, perhaps try replacing the O-Ring. Do bear in mind that choosing the correct size of the O-Ring is essential for maintaining the waterproof seal.

If you are not fully comfortable carrying out these fixes yourself, please do not hesitate to contact
Total Electrical and Plumbing Solutions today to assist you with your dripping tap!