Are you tired of getting bad wireless reception in your home? Ceilings, walls and distance from your router all effect the strength of wireless signals which can make it difficult to stream or even browse the web with these dead spots in your house.

There is however a piece of technology that can bring high speed internet into every room without the need or expense of running physical cables throughout your house.  These devices are called Powerline adapters and basically, they piggyback on your existing electrical wiring to transfer data and eliminate dead spots.

So how do Powerline Adapters Work?

Powerline adapters are very easy to setup. All you have to do is connect the master device to your modem/router via an Ethernet cable and then plug it into a wall socket. We do however recommend that you plug the device into a dedicated power socket rather than using a power extension.

Then, anywhere you want to use the Internet or where you have a dead spot, just simply plug the other adapter (or slave device) into the wall and connect it to the device in question via an Ethernet cable. Some Powerline models are wireless access points as well, which means that you can connect to it without the need for a cable and it will boost the signal where you plug it in and create a new wireless network.

Need some help?

As you can see from our explanation above that Powerline adapters are very easy to install without the need for an electrical company like Total Electrical and Plumbing Solutions or even an IT company like TC-IT Services but of course either company is here to help and will happily assist you if required.

If you have any questions about the suitability of your home for Powerline adapters, or which Powerline makes/models to purchase please call us today.